Run for Food Banks

A virtual race – May 15-17, 2020
Taking place wherever you are,
benefiting Food Banks nationwide

Our World, Upended by COVID19

I Had a Plan for my Birthday

I’m turning 60 in mid May. I made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and run my first ever race, a half-marathon. (I only started running a year and a half ago.)

Everything was going according to plan. I was losing weight. I was running farther and faster than I thought I could, certainly able to complete a half-marathon. Then COVID19 arrived. I’ll not be running in a group in May. I’m sure many of you are similarly disappointed in not having any events to compete in, because competition creates the motivation to train, with all the associated benefits.

Food Banks

COVID19 has also created an unprecedented need for Food Banks and a concurrent shortage of donations. This need will grow rapidly. Food Banks will be essential food sources for an increasingly large cross section of America, for many months to come.

This virtual event will contribute to relieving both of these problems, lack of races and food shortages at food banks.

A Solution for Both

We’re going to have a Virtual Race. As a couple of people have demonstrated, the track can be in your backyard or your balcony, or anywhere you can maintain proper social distancing.

And we’ll use the race to raise funds for the Food Banks. Details on that below.

The Time and Place

Anyone who wants to participate will run a race (of their own design and distance) sometime on May 15, 16 or 17, 2020. Key requirement is to make sure you do it while maintaining good social distancing. Less important is to make sure the right amount of elevation and even the exact distance are covered, though both are accommodated fairly easily with cell phone running apps.

I will be running a half-marathon on Friday morning May 15. I’ll run it on a route I know, but which is not exactly measured. I usually run with my phone and track my distance, and that’s what I’ll do to measure my half and make sure I run the distance. Alternately you can run a pre-measured route or map it on Google Maps ahead of time.

After the run send in a screen shot of your phone or watch to Twitter with the Hashtag #RunForFoodBanks, or some other proof (and we’re not going to be doing any verification!) that will give you bragging rights for “race completed”. We’ll post as many of these here as we can, along with selfies. And if you tweet your results we’ll include you in the results board updated throughout the weekend.


Registration is a simple two-step process

  • Send the Food Bank of your choice a $50 donation.
  • Comment on our Blog with your name, physical location city, distance you will run, amount pledged per minute, and what Food Bank you are supporting. (See a list of Food Banks here.)

Requested contribution

We are asking everyone to pledge a contribution to a food bank per minute they run. Contributing per minute motivates us to get the best time we can. Contribute whatever you can, but make sure it motivates you to run your best!

For instance, I’ll be running a half marathon. I’m aiming for a time of 10:15 per mile, or about 135 minutes. Pledging $3/minute equals a $405 contribution. If I’m slower or faster than projected, I contribute the actual amount. So time matters!

Just like with the Registration, you’ll make your payment directly to the Food Bank of your choice. We will collect no funds at any time.



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Run for Food Banks May 15-17

Legal Disclaimer

This event is not being coordinated, sponsored, or operated by any food bank. It is a completely volunteer effort not associated with any for-profit or non-profit entity. No Food Bank has requested that the people involved in creating this website solicit funds for them. Any funds solicited are to be sent directly to a Food Bank chosen by the person donating the funds.

The above idea of a virtual race and donations to Food Banks are suggestions of a physical activity and a charitable donation. No one involved in producing this website or in publicizing these suggested ideas takes on or accepts any liability of any kind from anyone who chooses to undertake the activity and / or make a donation as suggested above or any other activity. We specifically do not take on any liability for any thing related to physical activity or the transfer or handling of funds by any party.

No one associated with this website will accept any funds for any purpose.

Any tax implications of any donation are solely the obligation of any donor.

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