Food Banks Information

There are many food banks around the country. As COVID19 is a nationwide pandemic, and is resulting in a nationwide food crisis for many people, all food banks need support. The value for the donation is fantastic. In Los Angeles, the food bank states that every $1 donated provides 4 meals. The Houston food bank says that each dollar buys 10 pounds of food.

We are not connected to any specific food bank. We have not signed up or listed ourselves as a fundraiser with any food bank. We urge you to donate locally, or where you have social connections.

But most importantly, donate, and run. And get your friends to donate, and run!

Below are links to Home pages for many food banks (click the Donate Button to donate). They are listed by state alphabetically. This list is in no way comprehensive. Send me a food bank link, I’ll check it, and I’ll post it.

  • Note that we have not checked the quality or even authenticity of these websites and food banks. That is why we urge local donations. Donate to groups you know or have personally checked out.

#FoodBanks need our support. Join the #RunForFoodBanks at Keep yourself fit and donate for others!

Nationwide listing

200 food banks here

Local and regional food banks. Alphabetical by State or City (depending on size)

Austin (Central Texas)



Denver (Food bank of the Rockies)

El Paso, Tx


Las Vegas

Los Angeles


New Hampshire

New Orleans

New York City

New York State (Central)

Orlando, Fl

Portland, Or

San Antonio, Tx

San Diego

San Francisco & Marin




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