As described on the Home Page, Registration for this virtual race event is a two-step process. We’re keeping it easy and low-touch, as the goal is to provide motivation to continue running and drive donations to Food Banks. (I want to run and raise money, not manage a website!)

Registration is a simple two-step process

  1. Donate $50 to the Food Bank of your choice.
  2. Fill out the form on the Registration Page with your
    • name
    • physical location city
    • length you will run
    • amount pledged per minute
    • Name of Food Bank you are supporting. (See a list of Food Banks here.)
    • Age and gender – if you want to be in an age and gender bracket on the race results

Sign up to receive Blog Updates, as that is the only means we’ll use for communicating. (We are not collecting emails for any use outside of automatically sending blog updates if you sign up). I’ll not be posting too many updates (remember, low-touch!) but will post the all-important race results spreadsheet after the event for anyone who sends in their results.

We will be posting a bib design that you’ll be able to print out ahead of time so you’ll look official as you run!

I just Registered at for their virtual #RunForFoodBanks May 15-17. Join in!

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