Maybe ‘going viral’ isn’t what we want

This race will be a lot more fun, and raise a lot more money if dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people run and donate. Not long ago we would have said we wanted the event to “go viral”. Now I’m thinking we just want to safely socialize it!

But whatever we call it, this will have a bigger impact if you spread the word. You know the drill:

  • Share this website
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Use #RunForFoodBanks in your posts
  • Encourage friends and co-workers to run and donate

Many of us have a little extra time on our hands from not commuting or traveling. And while much of that time might be taken up in a temporary “teaching assistant” role, we all still need the exercise.

Lets see how much we can socialize this! Here’s a couple of suggested tweets for you.

I’m doing a virtual run to support Food Banks nationwide. #RunForFoodBanks May15-17. Find out more at

Support your local Food Bank #RunForFoodBanks Design your own virtual running race May 15-17, Register at http://www.RunForFoodBanks,org, and donate directly to your local food bank.

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