Yes, you can walk, bike, mountain bike, watch TV for your activity!

First, Thank you so much to those who have signed up and to those who have not signed up but told me they have made contributions. Your support of the #FoodBanks is so important today.

Many people have asked me ‘can I walk (bike, mountain bike, etc.) instead of running? The answer is a resounding #YES. You can do whatever you want to, for a period of time, and donate for doing it. Imagine what you could do:

  • Raise money while binge watching your favorite show with your friends, each contributing for every minute they watched
  • Take a foreign language lesson, rewarding a food bank for every minute you studied
  • Turn your #Yoga session into a fund drive
  • Host a virtual #HappyHour and have all the attendees donate by the minute (or by attendance, we’re not picky!)

In short, if you can think of something you do that you want to base your donation on, do it!

But please #donate. The need is great, and growing as we fight #Covid19 together.

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