Preparing the Course

Less than 3 weeks to go!

The weekend of the Virtual Race is coming up fast! I hope your training and planning is coming along as well. A few things to think about and prepare to make this Virtual Race feel more real.

  • Plan your route. While you don’t need to map the exact distance (that’s what running apps are for!) it’s good to confirm that you can go the distance you want to go.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route by visiting the route either in person or via Google street view. Get to know a few landmarks.
  • Understand the best way to cross (or avoid) street crossings . Remember, no police barriers to make the route safer!
  • Learn if there are any facilities along the route. Think about what you need to bring to take care of yourself. Since there will not be any aid stations, be sure to wear a running belt and bring water and nutrition.
  • Recruit a supporter to meet you at a few locations along the route and make sure you’re doing okay. Some running apps let others track you. Consider using this with your “support team.”

Keep training, stay healthy, and remember to support others.

And, it’s not too late to get others to Register! Visit us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter . Share the event with your family and friends. The more who run the more we raise for Food Banks!

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