Six Days To Go!

We are into the final week before the #VirtualRace for #RunForFoodBanks. It is exciting to see all the work being done, both with our race and others, to raise funds for #food. With all the (partially justified) gloom and pessimism, it is refreshing to see #charity and a spirit of #helpfulness so evident across much of our society. But enough philosophizing!

We’ve got a few days of training left! I’ll be doing my last long run on Mother’s Day (but don’t forget to do something special for your Mom!). Next week I’ll limit myself to just one 3 miler or so, letting my muscles rest prior to the race. I’m also planning the route for my “support team”. (My wonderful wife will be meeting me at cross roads to provide encouragement.)

I’m starting to check the weather (who’s idea was it to run a half marathon in Houston in May?) and am planning my goal time based on that. My personal experience corresponds closely to what Jeff Galloway recommends. Add 30 seconds to every mile for every 5 degrees above 60. It is simply amazing the effect heat has on ability. (After running a bunch at 70F+, I blew myself away when I ran 11 miles below 9 minutes a mile at 55F !)

Below is a fun bib you can pin to your favorite running shirt to help spread the word of what a great thing you are doing! Download an editable version to customize the city and number.

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