Six Days To Go!

We are into the final week before the #VirtualRace for #RunForFoodBanks. It is exciting to see all the work being done, both with our race and others, to raise funds for #food. With all the (partially justified) gloom and pessimism, it is refreshing to see #charity and a spirit of #helpfulness so evident across muchContinue reading “Six Days To Go!”

Yes, you can walk, bike, mountain bike, watch TV for your activity!

First, Thank you so much to those who have signed up and to those who have not signed up but told me they have made contributions. Your support of the #FoodBanks is so important today. Many people have asked me ‘can I walk (bike, mountain bike, etc.) instead of running? The answer is a resoundingContinue reading “Yes, you can walk, bike, mountain bike, watch TV for your activity!”

Maybe ‘going viral’ isn’t what we want

This race will be a lot more fun, and raise a lot more money if dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people run and donate. Not long ago we would have said we wanted the event to “go viral”. Now I’m thinking we just want to safely socialize it! But whatever we call it, this willContinue reading “Maybe ‘going viral’ isn’t what we want”


As described on the Home Page, Registration for this virtual race event is a two-step process. We’re keeping it easy and low-touch, as the goal is to provide motivation to continue running and drive donations to Food Banks. (I want to run and raise money, not manage a website!) Registration is a simple two-step processContinue reading “REGISTRATION”